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Rihanna's Shut Up And Drive Video is a Car Lover's Dream by Ross Edwards
Rihanna Went on Oprah’s  TV show last weekend and told the Oprah that she and Chris Brown “love each other and probably always will” but only in a platonic sense, according to MTV.  Rihanna’s probably limiting their relationship to the friend zone because Chris Brown has a girlfriend right now.  She [...] .. Read More!

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35 Trims Available
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  • Full-size Passenger Van
  • $25,900 - $35,475
160 Trims Available
  • Body Style
  • MSRP

  • Full-size Cargo Van
  • $36,720 - $57,453

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Ford F-550 Concept Rescue Truck Drafted Into Real Service after Texas Tornadoes by Ross Edwards
Concept cars don’t normally have the greatest post-show life.  Most are non-working prototypes only built to gauge potential customer interest or show off a design theme the company is considering.  Even the working show vehicles are often crushed after their tours to protect trade secrets and to [...] .. Read More!

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